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Product details of 123 GAMES, Awards Winning Board Games for All Ages, DCR, Board Games, Chess

  • Contains black and white chess, each 14 pcs
  • Whoever pushing outside the 6 pieces of chesses of the opponent’s will be the winner
  • English and Chinese playing guide included
  • Number of player: 2
  • Suitable for player ages 3 and above
  • Size of box: 320*280*50 mm
  • The player takes turns to move the chess. The black chess goes first.
  • The player who takes the turn can only move once.
  • The movement each time can only move to the same direction and position.
  • Totally there are 6 directions you can move.
  • You can only move to the neighboring space.
  • You can move one or two chesses or the most three chesses every time you move.
  • You need to make sure the chesses are moving in the same direction when moving two chesses or three chesses in the same time.
  • You can move one-two or three chesses with the same color to separate a ready string of long chesses.


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