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Machine or hand wash : air dry completely before storing
BPA-free, PVC-free, vinyl-free, phthalate-free and lead-free
100% polyester with embedded TPU coating for waterproofing
To extend the life of our bibs, we recommend hang drying our quick-dry fabric
Sized to fit 6-36 months

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Smartly designed with a crumb catcher and a catch-all pocket for containing spills ensures an entirely mess-free eating experience! The spill pockets are rigid in shape and hold all the messy drools and dribbles!
It’s generously sized and made from feather lightweight, waterproof, easy-wipe, stain and odour resistant fabric. Yup, this bib has it all! Without the cotton layer in the middle, no gross stuff grows between the layers of fabric and any stains or smells fled before sticking!
It’s easily washable and beyond effortless to clean and use over and over again!
With the adjustable fit back tie closure and adjustable sleeve length, our bibs are sized to fit any toddler.
Enjoy the best of both worlds – use it as a bib or a smock for those artsy crafty days!
Dress your child in the luxurious meal-time attire they deserve. PS: Did you hear what the bib said to the shirt- ‘tonight, dinner’s on me!’


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