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Pucket Game

2 Players game
Durable wooden Board
10 chess Pieces

Size: 56.5 x 3.5 x 30 CM

5.200 .د.ب

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If your kids are indoor game lovers, then Pucket Board Game is an ideal one. It consists of a wooden board, 10 chess pieces, and elastic string. Now, you can also play with kids and make your day full of joy. Make set up on the table or floor and start shooting the chess at your opponent.

The elastic band allows you to shoot the chess easily to another half. The interesting fact about the Pucket Board Game is a single person can play as an opponent simultaneously. But if you accompany with kids, it will double the joy. This indoor game is not only a source of fun in leisure time, but it helps kids to focus on the target. Moreover, it improves their cognition to shoot with full intention at the target. Undoubtedly, the Boardgame is one of the healthiest games that kids can play indoors. Enjoy fast-paced game with your kids!

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Dimensions 56.5 × 3.5 × 30 cm


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